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Located in Palm Beach Gardens Florida serving clients across the United States and founded in 1997, Palm Beach Digital Design has been providing Information Solutions for over a decade.

Retina Ready

Applying state of the art technology to develop easy retina image support so your images and graphics will look great on mobile devices!

Business Class

Strict HTML5 and CSS3 coupled with php and MySQL driven dynamic web sites empower our clients applications to do business in todays market.

Responsive Web

When building sites we pay close attention to how it looks on various screen sizes. So no matter what device, PC, phone or tablet your message always comes through!

Built with Love

All of our clients web sites are crafted with care, and we strive to make your experience as one of our customers the best as possible.

Our Process

We will consult with you and your staff to define and fully grasp the project you have in mind. We will explain the possibilities, offer advice, and sound guidance for your specific needs. We will present examples and discuss ideas in order to generate a mutual understanding of what is to be presented. Our staff can guide you through the inital process in more than one way, often times a layout starts as an actual drawing on paper outlining key features and highlighting content arrangment, navigation and layout.

We will prepare a proposal outlining your new web site, its goals, base pages, content, marketing plans and strategies. You will know what to expect, and we will know what to deliver. Often a project is rolled out in phases, design, development, private testing and live testing must happen in order to present a fully functioning web site, our staff will work closely with you during each of these phases ensuring that when we are ready to go live you are already familiar with your new web site.


  • Client interview
  • Gather consumer data
  • Create content strategy
  • Analyze research


  • Build wireframe
  • Gather client feedback
  • Code development
  • Marketing review


  • Deploy website
  • Market product launch
  • Collect UX data
  • Quarterly maintenence

Keep your product and business foremost in the minds of the public by letting us design a unique and memorable site for you today. We use state of the art graphics and web site design tools, we will design your web site to catch the eye and stir the imagination. Whether it´s animated 3D graphics or multi-layered images, you can set your web site design apart by letting us build a site that is dazzling as well as easy to navigate.


More Samples

Here are some other projects that I've worked on.

Blue Skies Image
Blue Skies Villa St. Thomas Design and Development, Database, Custom Content Manager, Scheduling calendar App, Booking System
Sunbuddy Label and SaveUrFur Flyer
Sunbuddy Label and SaveUrFur Flyer Sun-Bud Product Label and SavUrFur Flyer Design
Robert Sheridan Web site image
RS&P Property Group - Chicago Web Development, Database, Photo manager, SEO, Marketing
Photo of Comfort Choice Homes Web Site
Comfort Choice Homes Web Design and Development, Custom Content Manager, Server Maintenance
No Huddle NO Mercy Web Site Photo
No Huddle No Mercy Web Development, Database, Server Admin, Photo Manager, Marketing, and Social Media
Island Hospitality Video Network Image
Island Hospitality Video Network Web Development, Video Production, Video Server Development, Data Base, Video Streaming, Video Manager
SafeRISC Web Site Image
SafeRISC Web Development, Data base, CCM, Photo manager
Broward Collision
Broward Collision Data base, Photo manager
Broward Airboat Club
Broward Air Boat Club Server Management, Word Press Development
Coaches Edge Brand Identity, Digital Downloads
AFM Videos Brand Identity, Web Design, App Devleopment, Video Production, Streaming Service, Pay Per View, Digital Downloads
Disaster-Smart Graphic Design, Web App Database Development, CCM
xChange of America Graphic Design, Web Design
Leah Avers Realty Graphic Design, MLS, Content Manager, Web Design
FAIR Web Design, Web App, Word Press Theme, Social Marketing, Database Development, Video Production
Football Knowledge - Blog WordPress, Child Theme and Custom Plugin Development
Recreational Cheerleading Branding, Logo and Web Site Design, Data base, CCM, SEO and Marketing
Gridiron Strategies Graphic Design, Database development, Subscription Manager App, eCommerce, Social Marketing
Lipton Engineering Branding, Web Ddesign, Web App, Database, Content Manager
Learn No Huddle Graphic Design, Web Devellopment, Custom Content Manager
Focus On Patents Web Development, Web App, Database, CCM, Photo Manager
EZ Call Logo, Graphic Design, Video Production, Web Development, eCommerce, Digital Downloads
Cheer Coach Magazine Web Design, Database, CCM, Server Administration, Photo Manager, eCommerce
Golden Touch Craps Legacy Migration, Design and Development, Social Media Development, Marketing and Promotion
88 Spa and Massage Design and Development, Social Media Development
Beginner Craps Made Easy Book Design Cover, Assemble in Indesign,Create PDF, and FREE Download Page
Air Raid System Branding, Design and Web Developemnt, Marketing and Production
Stubbs OC Branding, Design and Development, Marketing and Production
Official Boxcar Willie Branding, Design and Development, Digital Music Library, SEO, Marketing and Production
Factory Lightweights Branding, Design and Development, SEO, Marketing and Production
The Parking Professionals Legacy Migration, Database and App Development and Support
Open Grass Reads Design, Development, Ecommerce
Legal Eye ROI Fraud Loss Calculator
American Football Systems Web Design and development
American Football Directory & Buyers Guide Single Page Web App with relational databases
AFM Media Opt In Web Media Kit, Design, Development and Output to print


We have been providing development solutions for over 15 years, when something works you stick with it. Our commitment to excellence and proven track record gives you peace of mind knowing we will be there when you need us.

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